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I work with clients who are experiencing difficulties in reconnecting and finding their place in the world as it changes and we have to navigate the unfolding crises and difficulties. We are mostly in overwhelm, our nervous systems were not built for the extent of information that arrives into our cells each day. It is therefore a wisdom in the body, a wise coping mechanism, that we sadly have to go numb, to choose apathy, instead of engaging fully with the world as it is now. But it does not have to be this way, we are the pivotal generation and we are needed and vlauable. I call it, in Joanna Macy's words 'Coming Back to Life'.

In this unfolding world of climate change, social injustice and biodiversity loss I am exploring and have been re-learning, how to be human, with grief and rage, fear and despair, and joy and community that is emerging at this time. I am committed to working with people and groups who need to be heard, to share, to be felt and understood. It is confusing and frightening to sit alone with this experience, we need each other now, to be still together and feel. Let each of our own 'call' come from our inner selves, where it will then be right and unique to each one of us but supported by each other and in community.

'Of course! The future 

doesn't lie down in flat miles.

It's in the imagination

with which you perceive this world,

and the gestures

with which you honour it.'

Mary Oliver

I worked in the creative industry for 25 years during which time I began to follow the teachings of craniosacral therapy and the body - mind connection before training as a psychotherapist. The Core Process Psychotherapy training draws from the Buddhist texts and Western Psychotherapetic models and theory around personality development, the body and mindfulness.



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