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In this unfolding world of climate change I am exploring and have been re-learning, how to be human in this new story, with the grief and rage, the fear and despair, and so much more that is part of this moment in time. I arrive at times in joy too. I am committed to working with people and groups who need to be heard, to share, to be felt and understood. It is confusing and frightening to sit alone with this experience, we need each other now, to be still together and feel. Let each of our own 'call' come from our inner selves, where it will then be right and unique to each one of us but supported by each other and in community.

I am quite confident that even as the oceans boil, and the
hurricanes beat violently against our once safe shores,
and the air sweats with the heat of impending doom, and
our fists protest the denial of climate justice, that there is
a path to take that has nothing to do with victory or
defeat: a place we do not yet know the coordinates to; a
question we do not yet know how to ask.

May this decade bring more than just solutions, more
than just a future - may it bring words we don't know yet,
and temporalities we have not inhabited...And may
we be visited so thoroughly, and met in wild places so
overwhelmingly, that we are left undone. Ready for
composting. Ready for the impossible. (Bayo Akomolafe)

I worked in the creative industry for 25 years during which time I began to follow the teachings of craniosacral therapy and the body - mind connection before training as a psychotherapist. The Core Process Psychotherapy training draws from the Buddhist texts and Western Psychotherapetic models and theory around personality development and mindfulness.

I work with clients who are experiencing difficulties in reconnecting and finding their place in the world. It may be relationship problems, depression, stress, anxiety, making decisions, menopause, feeling that there is something missing in life, grief or parenting challenges. Clients dealing with trauma and abusive histories in childhood, exploring how to let go of the patterns we had to adopt at an early age in order to manage those experiences, in a safe and compassionate setting.

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